Holy Paladins Boosting, who knew?

June 15, 2010

5 days down the line and i’m already having a blast! Just running 5 characters again has been really enjoyable, and even quest boosting through the same Durotar starter quests over and over again was enjoyable. I ordered the two battlechest’s I needed and they are in the post at the mo. 2 of the accounts are still trials, meaning i can only go up to level 20, so as it stands 2 of the 3 teams i’ve started so far are at 20 and the other is at 14. I did some reading on http://www.Dual-boxing.com and decided to swap a druid in as the healer in my mage team instead of the priest and boost them all the way to 80 with my Pala, who will eventually be my tank. Another change i’ve made is after speaking to various people (MiRai, Souca) on the site’s IRC I’ve decided to run 5 Pala’s as my main melee team and i’ll be boosting them to 80 with my main pala aswell.

On to the boosting, I quest boosted till 10 in Durotar as planned and then moved to SFK FOR 10-20. I tried out boosting as holy for the first time and i’ve been missing something by using Prot all these years. Just keeping on Sacred Shield and using the occasional holy shock means next to no damage is felt, instead of having to run in a constant strafe which just gets annoying. Not to mention the extra spell power you gain for dpsing the mobs down. So after 5 days i’m happy with my progress 🙂

Check back later for an update 🙂


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